Wednesday, August 22, 2007

What treasures do you have hidden in your heart?

We always call our youngest Little Dot because she reminds us of my husband's mother Dorothy.

In Oklahoma we visited an old ranch that had a lot of antiques. Things that once belonged to someone. I'm working on a project right now that is about the pictures remind me of a time gone by where Dorothy lived. I'm always curious when I come across old things. Who did this stuff belong to? Who we're they? So to look at the carriage, baby doll, brush, comb, mirror and piano remind me to remember our past and our heritage. Each of us has one. There are great stories there.
What stories do you have to tell? In what ways could you tell them? Pictures? Writing? Collage?
Creativity opens our hearts and souls and reveals the hidden treasures that are buried there.

Time to put the pen to paper and write. Seeing these things sparks my imagination. More to come about the Dorothy story. It will be a children's maybe some of you can purchase it. Smile.

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