Sunday, December 30, 2007

The Heroine's Journey

I'm reading "The Heroine's Journey" by Maureen Murdock and I just finished reading "Goddesses in Older Women" by Jean Shinoda Bolen M.D.

It's interesting how woman are sometimes made to believe and think in the male way. Homeschooling for me is the feminine way. I'm following my feminine self, my intuitive heart, and my soul along my path. Not a path someone else has constructed based on "the male way" of competitiveness, ego, etc...

I love men, don't take this the wrong way. I'm just amazed at how much the feminine is oppressed in our culture and these books confirm and validate this for me.

I'm trying to learn to walk a feminine path balanced with the masculine. I'm new at this so stay tuned. I also want to raise my children in a way that honors and respects the feminine and the masculine in them in a balanced, loving, and affirming way.

This is the journey of my soul today.

The Lady of Guadalupe (shown above), who is the mother of Jesus, epitomizes the feminine balanced with the masculine for me. Although, I'm not Catholic I can borrow her image and reflect on what it means to be feminine balanced with the masculine.

Austin Girls Choir Christmas Concert

Brooke is such a beautiful young woman with a gorgeous voice. She works so hard and it showed in the Austin Girls Choir's Christmas Concert. The girls all sang so beautifully and they were dressed in these adorable Victorian outfits.

Bravo to all the girls, and to Ms. Sarah the Director of the choir, who all worked really hard to bring this all together.

Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?

My kids got some modeling wax for Christmas and we read "Brown Bear" by Bill Martin and Eric Carle and made a yellow duck, a blue horse, a red bird and a brown bear.

The little animals are so cute and along with the book make a great center piece for our dining room table.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

A single rose and a bouquet of roses....

A Rose and a Star......

A single red rose means "I love you" while a bouquet of red roses means love, beauty, courage and respect.

Do we know the meaning of the simple things in our lives? This is a time for me to take notice and see the meaning in something as simple as a rose.

The other night I woke up in the middle of the night and felt something was trying to reveal itself to me. I felt a sense to look out my bedroom window and into the dark night.

I saw a bright star. Then I saw some other stars that were less bright.

What was the meaning of this to me? I stopped and pondered this symbol. To me it was a symbolic representation of the Spirit of the Universe, who set the world in motion, that is still very present and looking after me. It meant I do not need to worry or fret over anything.

The symbol of the star has been in my life the past few days. I've been emailed an angel giving stars away, songs on the radio about stars, and a children's book about the Star of Bethleham that I read to my children.

So today I think about a rose and the stars in the sky, and I set aside my worries, because I know that no matter what happens I am being taken care of.

The simple things in life continue to communicate this to me if I pay attention.

Tracey Huguley

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

What a year this has been....

This last year has been amazing. We are continuing to home school our kids and loving it for now. I am enrolled at Texas State University and loving it. Godfrey, my husband, started a new job and is doing well. He is also planning on going back to school to improve his career path. Wow...the miracles that have happened in our lives. Going from being told Godfrey had terminal cancer to not having cancer at all. Then making a decision to move to Austin, Texas for a lot of reasons. Ie...Godfrey's health, my commute to work, being closer to nature, less stress, a more family friendly place to raise our kids, etc...

We are so blessed. Godfrey's health has actually improved. He has some strange lung disorder. After we had been in Austin for 6 months...the Dr's here said his breathing had actually improved. Yeah!!!

I've grown so much this past few a few years can do.

I'm looking forward to learning how to write at Tx State.

I love homeschooling my children. It's sometimes a challenge but always something I love.....

We just spent a week with some family and had a blast. We were able to visit the Austin Children's Museum, the park, some downtown lofts and condos, Whole Foods (my favorite), Santa Claus, the mall, etc...

We had a blast and I'm exhausted. Will post some pictures and more writings soon.