Friday, August 31, 2007

First full week back in school.

This was my first full week of being back to school. I enrolled at Texas State University in the English department. I'm pursuing a B.A. in creative writing.

I'm so excited to be back in school. This week went well but not without a few disasters. First you have to visualize me at 45 going to school with all these beautiful 20 year olds.

I don't look so bad I ever 20? There I was sitting waiting for the bus with all these beautiful college kids and my bra strap came undone. I said to myself, "Ok don't embarass yourself. Just don't move. Keep your arms close to your sides to hold the sides of your bra straps in place." When I finally arrived at the school I ran to a bathroom and snapped it closed.

If bra was to slide off my chest it would not be such a pretty sight. The other disaster was that I was late to two of my first classes. Ok picture me....getting off the bus for my day class and coming out of the parking lot for my night class running at 45 years old, with a bad knee and a backpack.

Did I look the part of a student. NO!!! But did I care. NO!!!

I'm there to fulfill a dream and nothing is going to stop me. Not bra straps, embarrasment, bad knees, age, etc....

I just had to laugh at myself.

I'll post some pictures next week of the bus, the campus and of me and my backpack. I feel like a school kid on the first day of school. Filled with excitement and anticipation.



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