Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Here is my Joy!!!

Funny I went to a "Release and Renew Retreat" with Kate Bares-Johnson at The Center for Well Being in Austin, Texas. I went with a girlfriend and we really released and renewed some long over due emotional baggage in our lives.

There were about 15 of us trying to become more whole emotionally, spiritually and mentally (physically). Kate has a wonderful program that helped us dig deep to uncover the aspects of ourselves that were not our authentic selves.

Aspects of ourselves that no longer serve us. I faced some fears and the pain that was attached to that.

It was amazing doing this in a community of others who we're willing to dig deep. I felt very supported and loved.

When I left one of the participants handed me a $2.00 bill and said he wanted to buy my "W". I went into the weekend with the mantra of "Where is my Joy"?

I left with the lesson "Here is my Joy". The participant I shared the weekend with bought my "W" in "where" so now I have "here".

I'm continuing on my journey to wholeness and healing. It's with humility that I stand in awe of this process.

"Here is my Joy"
Tracey Huguley