Monday, March 17, 2008

Texas History and Spring LapBooks....

We we're all getting a little bored with reading and summarizing friend and fellow homeschool mom Michelle turned me on to lapbooks. I won't say they've saved the day completely. (Brandon my 10 year old is in a space of not liking anything we do) However, doing the lapbooks has brought us all a nice change of pace. Brandon is working on Texas history and Brooke and Britney are working on Spring and Easter themed lapbooks. We've all been a little blah recentely so I'm hoping doing the lapbooks will help shake things up and move us along. I keep telling my kids if they want the summer off we need to get everything done by June. (my secret motivator wink, wink)

Now what's going on in my life? I'm still thinking and meditating on my new business. Mentoring women (including deaf women) on their soul's journey. Recentely I've been asking myself what is JOY? What is true JOY? The kind someone has at the depth of their being that nothing can take it away. After going through a difficult few years this is a question that is asking to be answered in my life.

What is JOY?

I'm sensing this it going to be vital in my mentoring business. What is JOY?

I want to be able to point the way towards JOY for people on their life's path and use art to facilitate this. Stay tuned the baby has been born but hasn't been given a name yet. Thinking out loud. That is how things come into being for me. Thinking, talking and writing about them.

The pictures are of Britney with her homemade straw flowers. The lapbooks are Brooke's and Brandon's.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Sluggish time of year....

Right before Spring arrives it seems that everything moves at a snails pace. Spring can't come fast enough. Winter still drops some of her nasty storms. And so does life. After death we wait for re-birth. Sometimes birth is a slow process itself. I can remember being in my ninth month of pregnancy and thinking the birth of my child would never come and then one day....

Something starts to move and then here it comes. Spring is like this to me. Winter is so dark and dreary. And you wait and wait and then here it comes. On the way to work yesterday I saw some beautiful wild flowers blooming on the side of the road. Texas is famous for its wildflowers so stay tuned for some great pictures.

Stay strong and know Spring always follows Winter.