Thursday, August 16, 2007

Off to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Off on another adventure. We're going to Okie.....

My husbands family reunion is in Oklahoma city this weekend. I'm hoping to get a sidetrip in to learn about the Natives that we're relocated to Oklahoma city after the "Trail of Tears".

I'm part Cherokee Native. To learn more about the "Trail of Tears" will be a treat for me and for my kids.

In the early 1,800's the United States Government began removing the Native Peoples from Georgia and other states and moving them to Oklahoma. These removals we're brutal and over 4,000 Cherokee alone died on the "Trail of Tears".

Gold was found in Georgia so.....the Cherokee Nation was removed and sent to Oklahoma. You can find out more about this on

Might be a nice block lesson for homeschoolers!!!

One things I found very touching was the Legend of the Cherokee Rose. The mothers on the trails we're so distraught. In order to lift their spirits so that they would take care of their children the Chiefs prayed for a sign. Read below.....

The Legend of the Cherokee Rose.
No better symbol exists of the pain and suffering of the Trail Where They Cried than the Cherokee Rose(pictured at top of page). The mothers of the Cherokee grieved so much that the chiefs prayed for a sign to lift the mother's spirits and give them strength to care for their children. From that day forward, a beautiful new flower, a rose, grew wherever a mother's tear fell to the ground. The rose is white, for the mother's tears. It has a gold center, for the gold taken from the Cherokee lands, and seven leaves on each stem that represent the seven Cherokee clans that made the journey. To this day, the Cherokee Rose prospers along the route of the "Trail of Tears". The Cherokee Rose is now the official flower of the State of Georgia.

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