Thursday, December 18, 2008 favorite time of the year......

Here we are again in another holiday season. My favorite time of the year. School for myself and the kids ended last week. Whew....this past year has been challenging. I'm going to begin writing about how we live a life that goes against everything that's considered normal.

What do we do that's completely going against the grain of societal norms? What is normal anyway?

I've worked nights for the past three years to be able to home school my children. I fight against putting them in school regularly. Every time I think of the options of public school I find a way to make things happen.

Like now I'm trying to work days so that I can be home during the day. So how does someone work days and home school? I'll bet you all would like to know. First, you make a commitment that you are going to home school and you make it work. Whatever that means.

Just recently a few friends and myself had a co-op for three months. Although, we opted not to continue to co-op it was a solution for a few months. That's something I have had to get used to....not being in control of how this is going to work. Just letting go and seeing what happens.

I stopped and had my favorite chai tea soy latte at Starbucks today. Delicious!!!

Hugs to all,

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michelle grimes kindig said...

I'm so happy to see you blogging again! You are such an inspiration. I know you will make it all happen.
Much love and Hugs,