Sunday, September 16, 2007

Tackling our excuses for not pursuing our dreams....

We all have excuses, fears, etc...

I listened to a live web broadcast of Wayne Dyer over the weekend. He talked about what was blocking us from realizing our full potential. I like to ask what is blocking me from finding my souls true desires.

One of mine is "I don't have time" or "this is too difficult". He said, " Ask yourself if this thought is true? Where does this thought come from? How long have I had this thought? What would my life look like without this thought? What's an alternative thought? Am I activating the universal cooperation?"

If I face these excuses and/or fears and ask the above questions. I will realize they are all thoughts.

My experience with this is that I had to see my wounds at a deep level and face them before I could begin to ask these questions. Once I was able to go to my wounded places and see them, really see them, then I could begin to ask the questions and move towards my souls true desires.

What is your soul trying to tell you? Have you been stuck in an area of your life? Keep asking what your soul is trying to tell you and follow that thread. Keep following .

I needed a mentor to help guide me. If you need someone to help, please email or call me. This is my passion to help others find their souls true desires.

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